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Moodle is a solid and powerful product for your eLearning needs.  It is a successful project supported by a vast community, Moodle Pty and several Moodle Partners around the world.  Even so, clients often find that there are some things that Moodle just doesn’t do.


E-Learn Design has a team of Moodle developers who work closely with clients to produce specifications of features that they require for Moodle, Iomad or other Open Source software.  Projects can range from a few days of custom development (to tweak a current activity or to add a custom block which will perform a particular function) to months of managed work (large scale projects include creating bespoke frameworks to sit alongside Moodle for HR management, training needs or competency hierarchies).

If you want to use Moodle, but have ideas for further features or want to discuss the possibility of customizing Moodle to suit your needs more appropriately, contact us directly.

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