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Education & Strategy Support

The decision to deliver part or all of your courses or programs online through any virtual learning environment means getting comfortable and confident with the software. As a freely available Open Source product, Moodle has a vibrant online community who are always willing to assist with this Moodle help questions, AND there are literally thousands of YouTube videos explaining most of the ‘How to’ questions for Moodle which are just a Google search away.

If none of the above freely available options suit your needs, E-Learn Design is happy to meet with you to give you the tailored help you need. We do this both face to face (in our offices or yours if you are local) and online (via various technologies).

Whether we arrange to meet with you in person or online, E-Learn Design will work closely with you and your colleagues on both the ‘How to’ AND the ‘Why to’ questions you have. Our educational consultants are also instructional designers and academics with expertise in
single course and full degree program design, so we have all the skills you require for both small and large projects.  We can assist with strategy, change management, accreditation applications, funding applications and everything in between.  Our perspective is pedagogical and aims to help you to use Moodle for all your educational purposes.

Whatever your Moodle needs, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Educational institutions, companies, and authorities operate uniquely.  There is, therefore, no single solution to learning and technology when it comes to training, workshops, consultancy and online learning.  We are happy to develop and deliver personal consultancy that
are tailored to your specific needs, addressing the areas that you identify as most significant.


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