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Moodle Development Services

One of the best PHP open source Learning Management Systems (LMS), Moodle is the most widely used eLearning platform. TEACH IT Education has extensive know-how and capabilities in open source development for Moodle Learning Management system. We build bespoke Moodle design, develop SCORM courses, new plugins, and tailor existing plugins.


TEACH IT Education is well-resourced to deliver highly customized Moodle solutions as per your needs and synchronized with the workflow of your existing Learning System. We can help you plan, execute, and evaluate a specific learning process, for creating and delivering content, monitoring student participation, and assessing the performance of the students.


Moodle Web Development & Customization: What We Do?

The PHP team at TEACH IT Education has significant expertise and detailed understanding of Moodle platform, coupled with their exposure to working in learning and training sphere. This makes TEACH IT Education an able partner who supports you in developing your Moodle site for you, customizing it or switching from previous versions to the latest stable version.

We offer the following Moodle based services:

 Moodle Customization

 SCORM compliant

 Learning System Development

 Dedicated Programming Services

 Application Development

 eLearning with Moodle

 Templates and Custom Design

 Extensions Development

 Plug-in Development

 Modules Development

 Website Maintenance

 Custom Modules Integration

 XHTML/CSS Enhancements

 Custom Payment Gateway


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Discuss your project with us. Contact us if you are planning to hire a Moodle developer, programmer or Hire a dedicated offshore team. We are confident of our Moodle Development team that they would be able to assist you with your eLearning needs.

TEACH IT Education has experienced, dedicated and expert Moodle developers adept at overcoming LMS challenges.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the most widely used eLearning platform or a learning/ course management system (LMS). Online learning sites or eLearning portals can be created through Moodle. It is an open source web application, created in PHP. Being an open source, it is easily customizable – no matter if it is about modifying the existing features, or writing separate additional functionalities like plug-ins.

Moodle can be leveraged as the front-end itself in the event of publically open eLearning portal or can be integrated with web applications as management systems for internal learning. eLearning businesses, colleges/universities, industrial training centers, and even enterprises are using it as their favored eLearning platform or LMS platform.

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