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Professional Development


TEACH IT Education understands that teachers will have different skill levels and training needs to account for all teacher levels of technology integration. TEACH IT Education makes every effort to build strategic professional development plans that help educators understand the value of 21st-century skills and best practices for integrating them into the curriculum.  TEACH IT Education training encourages participants to be collaborative and allows for the use of 21st-century tools.  Using a combination of on-site and virtual workshops, expert coaching, mentoring and train-the-trainer approaches, TEACH IT Education seeks to build upon expertise within their school or district to help create sustainable systems of professional development, rather than just entertaining but short-lived sessions.  Our approach to professional development also provides schools with the tools to continually re-evaluate and adjust to achieve the desired educational goals of the program.


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We start by focusing on first principles and identifying the key, mission-related strengths your organization already has that can continue to serve as the foundation for its future.

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