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Strategic Assessment and Planning

Some organizations are just beginning to think about online or hybrid programs, perhaps prodded by the rise of MOOCs or success that they see their peer institutions having. Other organizations are already quite advanced but are looking for help scaling out new programs more quickly or improving program quality. We can support these efforts in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:


  • Facilitation of strategic planning activities
  • Review and analysis of existing programs and future opportunities
  • Review of vendor offerings

While we do provide some hands-on consulting for schools that need to get more work done than they have people to do it, our emphasis tends to be on helping our clients build their own capacity rather than on being an outsourcing partner.

Educational Technology and Infrastructure Assessment

Often organizations have an overall technology infrastructure does not match the needs of the institution, especially given the changes in digital education. Often organizations plan to make a big purchase from a vendor. This could be for content and services, but it is often for learning technology infrastructures like an LMS or a student administrative system. We can provide support ranging from a market analysis to guidance on the vendor selection process.

Educational Talent Management

Increasingly, schools are having to hire administrators in new positions or with new skill sets in order to deal with the growing role of technology in education. While we are not recruiters, we do sometimes help our clients craft roles and job descriptions, interview candidates, and even coach new hires on relevant topics and approaches.

Executive Leadership Advising and Coaching

Sometimes organizations aren’t looking for help carrying out a specific initiative so much as they need advice and perspective on the big changes that are happening in education. We work with organizational  leaders and other academic leaders to help them figure out which trends they need to be paying attention to, which ones they should be acting on, and which ones they can ignore. The nature of this help can range from a single conversation to a long-term relationship. It often is a precursor to more action-oriented engagements, but it doesn’t have to be.

About TEACH IT Education

We start by focusing on first principles and identifying the key, mission-related strengths your organization already has that can continue to serve as the foundation for its future.

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