Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

Every school is different.  Though we typically recommend our time tested approaches, we take the time to listen to schools and modify every engagement to fit your unique needs.  Our aim is to significantly reduce the time and money spent on planning large scale initiatives by bringing in a team of experts who have successfully completed similar initiatives at their own schools. Their experience and process will streamline your efforts, help you avoid pitfalls, and reduce the time to success! Though every engagement is customized for each school or district, the list below represents the basic approach we bring to the table.  We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure our approach is the best fit for your strategic and budgetary needs.  If you need something you don’t see in the list, give us a call!  We create custom engagements all the time.



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We start by focusing on first principles and identifying the key, mission-related strengths your organization already has that can continue to serve as the foundation for its future.

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