Working With Start Ups

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Business-oriented Approach for Software Startups

Step-by-step launch:

  • allows to cut down the expenses and to finance the further phases of product development.

Social networks integration:

  • use the most powerful means of promotion - the social networking services.

Mobile apps:

  • any mobile solutions for serving your business.

Retail and distribution:

  • a professional software pack for further retail and distribution.


  • derive profit from any resources: (built-in Ads, content rent, and distribution).

High-security standards:

  • professional protection of your information at all levels and all stages of the development

Full cycle product development

Product development is a complex system process. We use an individual approach for every client, taking into consideration:

  • Communication specifics
  • Domain specifics
  • Project budget
  • Project timeline
  • Market condition (competitors, customers, resources...)

About TEACH IT Education

We start by focusing on first principles and identifying the key, mission-related strengths your organization already has that can continue to serve as the foundation for its future.

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