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WordPress Customization and Integration


Professional WordPress CMS integration and WordPress blog customization services are available at TEACH IT. Benefit from powerful open source WordPress blogging tool with TEACH IT. We excel in creating custom blogs and websites enabled with featured plugins and themes tailored to your business needs.

Customization and Design

  • WordPress customization
  • Customization of WordPress apps for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • WordPress modules design

Our design and customization services for WordPress are based on an individual approach to every customer to meet the specific project requirements.

  • WordPress blog design integration
  • WordPress integration into existing website
  • WordPress third party plugins integration

TEACH IT offers open source WordPress MU (multi-user) customization and integration into existing websites. Enhanced portability and flexibility are key features of integrated WordPress solutions by our company.


  • WordPress blog themes development
  • WordPress template development
  • WordPress as a CMS development
  • Plugins and widgets development

Customer benefits from TEACH IT's services are secure development with private data protection.

Maintenance and Support

  • SEO services for WordPress
  • Quality Assurance services
  • Website support and maintenance

TEACH IT software engineers develop custom WordPress based solutions such as search engine friendly WordPress applications with previewing, future posting functionality and fully personalized skins.

Take advantages from:

  • Secure WordPress solutions development by TEACH IT
  • Easy WordPress customization and integration processes
  • Short terms of WordPress blog customization
  • Cost-saving development due to standard/free PHP & MySQL Web server technologies using
  • TEACH IT offers fast implementation of WordPress applications
  • New functionality will be easily added at your blog as it is open source


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